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Swan Song
Pamela Barnes Ewing
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Pam and Bobby
Swan Song
Swan Song pt. 2
Christopher Ewing

This is my favorite episode of Dallas. It is also, in my opinion the episode that has the best Pam and Bobby scenes. This is just basically a summary with pictures of the different Pam and Bobby scenes for this episode.


Pam: Bobby.
Bobby: I have to talk to you
Pam: That will be all Louise thank you.
Bobby: Um can we go inside?
Pam:Well sure!


Pam: What is it?
Bobby: I've been driving around for  a long time, I finally had to come and see you.
Pam: Has something happened?
Bobby: Lucy got married today.
Pam: Oh?
Bobby: To Mitch Cooper... again.
Pam: Oh. The Ewings seem to make a habit of marrying the same person more than once dont they?
Bobby: Dont they though? Anyway when she was leaving she said she wanted to be invited to my wedding. I knew she ment to Jenna. But something must have shown on my face... and Jenna saw it.
Pam: What did she see?
Bobby: That it's you I really love. Well maybe she just felt something I dont know.
Pam: Bobby why are you telling me this?
Bobby: Because I can't marry Jenna. It would be wrong. It's you that I want to marry.
Pam: Well how could you do that to her?
Bobby: I think she knows how I feel, and she's just going to have to understand. It will be better for her than being married to a man who's in love with someone else.


Bobby: So... if you still love me. If you'll have me. I wanna marry you. We dont have to live at Southfork, it can be anywhere you want to as long as were together. Will you? Um marry me? Um again?
Pam: Yes! Oh yes! Oh I want you so much. I thought I'd lost you forever.
Bobby: I love you!


They start to kiss passionetly, and Pam turns off the light.




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