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Pamela Barnes Ewing
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Pamela Barnes Ewing was born to Willard (Digger) Barnes and Rebecca Wentworth in Corpus Christi, Texas. Her mother left her at a young age. She was raised by her Aunt Maggie with her brother Cliff. She was raised to hate the Ewings. When she went on a trip to Dallas with her high school cheerleading team she met Ed Haynes who professed love for her and they got married in a quick ceremony. Her father found out what she had done minutes after the ceremony and had the marriage annuled. A few years later she started dating Ray Krebbs, the Southfork foreman. He wanted to take her to the Ewing barbeque and she resisted at first. She finally agreed to go with Ray. She was dancing with Ray, when a handsome man stepped in. He introduced himself as Bobby Ewing. This caused trouble because he was a Ewing, but she didn't care she was in love. She married Bobby later that year, in a city hall in New Orleans. She was nervous when Bobby brought her back to meet his family. At first everyone was horrible to her, especially JR. Miss Ellie started warming up to her after a couple of weeks. But then came the big news. She was pregnant with Bobby's baby. She was so happy. She was so excited when she told him. At the Ewing barbeque she and Bobby told Jock, Miss Ellie, and Digger. JR and Sue Ellen found out later. They then got drunk. JR wanted to plea for forgivness from Pam, and then she fell off the hayloff in the barn and the baby died. A little bit after the baby had died Bobby took her to a surprise trip to Las Vegas were they met his brother Gary. When they return JR is upset to have Gary back. Digger decides that the Ewings now own Pam and he sells her to Jock for 100 dollars. Pam is very hurt. After Gary leaves town Bobby hears from his ex-fiancee Jenna Wade. He starts to help her because he thinks that her daughter Charlie is his. This upsets Pam because she feels she will lose Bobby to Jenna. She shows up at Jenna's condo and tries to get the truth about Charlie's parentage out of her. Jenna then admits that Charlie is not Bobby's. Bobby then tells Pam that he loves her more than anything. Awhile later Ed Haynes shows up and claims that he and Pam are still married. JR finds out and tells everyone when Pam returns to Southfork. Bobby is upset that she never told him about Ed, and the fact that they might not be married. Bobby and Pam find out the truth and Bobby runs him out of town. Later that year JR leaks out the fact that Cliff got another woman pregnant and she had an abortion. This puts strain on Pam's marriage because JR and Jock are not making life being a Ewing easy for her. After awhile Pam decided that just staying on the ranch all day was not a kind of life for her and she wants a job. Bobby is opposed to this at first but finally he gives in and they are both happy. Close to the end of the year JR frames Cliff for Julie's murder which causes Pam to move off of Southfork. She decides she cannot live with the Ewing family for awhile and tells Bobby that he cannot come with her. Cliff is released because Bobby finds the real killers but Pam still cannot come home because of what JR did. Pam then decides to move in with her friend, a model at The Store, Leanne Rees. JR then decides to set up Pam to make it look like her and Leanne are commiting prostution. At first Leanne resists setting up Pam, but JR then gives her enough money to make her go along. The next day when Pam looks at the papers at how she has been framed she decides to leave Dallas forever. Bobby catches her in time and tells her if she leaves then JR will have finally won. They then make up and she moves back to Southfork. The next year Pam finds out she is pregnant but decides not to tell Bobby because their baby could have neroufibermitosis. When she finally decides to tell him about the baby she dosen't tell him about the disease because he's so happy. One day she's out riding horses and she falls off and has another miscarriage. She then tells Bobby about neroufibermitosis. During this time she becomes attached to John Ross and acts like a mother to him because he dosen't get any attention from Sue Ellen. When Sue Ellen finally starts to show him some attention Pam becomes upset because she feels like she lost him. Bobby then tells her that he was never her's in the first place. Pam and Bobby go out with Donna and Ray one night and they come back drunk. They start to kiss and Bobby wants to have sex with her but she gets tense and dosen't. She then starts to turn cold everytime Bobby touches her. This makes Bobby upset. Pam then gets promoted at her job. Pam then goes to Paris for her job and when she is at the airport leaving she sees Bobby kiss Jenna Wade. This upsets her. When she gets back Bobby tells her that he wanted to sleep with Jenna, but he didn't because he loves Pam. He then says he needs her help to work on their marriage. She says that she dosen't think she can help. Finally they make up. When Digger is in the hospital Pam finds out that he's not really her father. Her mother had an affair with Hutch McKinney and Hutch is her father. This puts her into great distress. Bobby then tells her they are going to move away from Southfork. They are going to live in California. They get stopped when the police take them back to see JR since he was shot. Bobby has to take control of Ewing Oil since JR is not able to run it, and he starts to ignore Pam. During this time she goes to look for her mother and finds Rebecca Wentworth but she says that she never had any children with Digger Barnes. Pam is crushed. She then starts to get attention from Alex Ward. She then goes on a trip with him and they almost sleep together, but Bobby calls and tells her that he loves her so Alex leaves the room. When she gets back she tells Bobby that he's the only one that she loves. Rebecca Wentworth then admits that she's her mother, and they become close. She then goes to the doctor and learns that she can never have children. She is crushed and finally decides to tell Bobby, who is also crushed. She then goes into a depression again and tries to commit sucide by jumping of the Reunion Tower. Bobby runs up a grabs her just in time. She is then put in the sanatarium. She is sad, but Bobby comes and visits her often. She then meets her sister Katherine for the first time and really starts to like her. After awhile she decides to check herself out. This is the same day that Bobby is bringing Christopher home to JR. Pam thinks that he brought Christopher home for them to adopt and grabs Christopher and gets excited. Bobby then learns that JR isn't Christopher's father and he gets ready to adopt him with Pam. Pam is still left in the dark about the reason Bobby brought Christopher to Southfork at first. She finally finds out and is upset at Bobby because he lied to her. She decides to go to California with Bobby to discover the truth. After awhile they are finally able to adopt Christopher and Pam is very happy. Things are good until the battle for Ewing Oil. Miss Ellie is conscerned that the battle will destroy the family and Pam agrees. She decides to go against Bobby and go with Miss Ellie to try to destroy Jock's will. When she goes they meet Mark Graison who becomes intrested in Pam. She is annoyed at first. Mark Grasion keeps showing up everywhere and will never leave her alone. But then Bobby starts to change and he dosen't act like the man she married. He starts to act more and more like JR. One day her mother goes to a plane that Cliff was supposed to be on and it crashes. Afton comes over to tell her. They then go to the hospital where Rebecca dies. Pam is devistaed. They then attened the funeral where Mark Graison shows up. She then goes back to her mother's manison and greaves. When she goes back to Southfork she tells Bobby that she can't live there anymore and she decides to move to the hotel that Katherine is at. The next day she starts packing to move, and Bobby tries to convince her to stay, but she wont. She then tells Bobby that he can't come with her and Christopher. When she is at the hotel she gets visits from Mark alot. One day Bobby comes over and they reminisce about how they got married, and he stays the night. The next day he tells her to pack her things because she's moving back to Southfork but she then gets into an argument with him and says that the last night was just a moment and she wont move back with him yet. Later Mark comes over and asks her if she would like to get away from everything and go to France. She agrees to go. When she is in France Mark tries to cheer her up. He asks her if she has feelings for him, and she says no, but he then says that she does or she wouldn't of came to France with him. That night he drops her off at her room and they start to make out. They almost sleep together but Afton calls and tells Pam to come home soon because Katherine is making a move on Bobby. Pam can't understand quite what she's saying but catches a plane home the next day. When she gets home she confronts Bobby who says he didn't do anything with Katherine. He then asks her why she was in France with Mark. She then takes Christopher home and tells him that she loves his daddy but she dosen't think that she could ever live with him again. She is then informed by Katherine that she has to vote wether or not to give Bobby the tundra drill. She knows that if she dosen't vote to let Bobby have it her marriage would be over, but she also knows if she did vote to let him have it, he would continue to act like JR and her marriage would probally be over anyway. Later she goes and tells Bobby that she has voted to let him have it and that she still loves him. He asks her when she will come back to Southfork and him, and she says that she's never coming back. She then says that their marriage dosen't work anymore and that she wants a divorce. Her and Bobby both start to cry as she walks out of his office. The next day she tells Cliff that she decided to vote with Katherine to give Bobby the tundra drill. He yells at her about how much that cost him and she tells him not to talk to her about cost because she's getting a divorce. Katherine looks awfully happy at the fact that she is getting divorced. Then a fire starts at Southfork which causes Pam to go visit Bobby. He asks her to go to dinner with him, and she agrees. At the dinner they dance and have a good time and she starts to see that maybe he can be the man that she married. Later JR comes and blackmails her, telling her that if she divorces Bobby that he will try to keep a peace between him, Bobby, and Cliff. He then says if she goes back to Bobby that all hell will break loose. He says that the choice is hers. The next day she goes to Mark's house with Christopher, Cliff, and Afton. Katherine then asks her to sign some "buisness papers." She dosen't even bother to read the papers and signs. Bobby then invites her to dinner with him again, but she takes Katherine's advice and says that spending too much time with him will confuse her. She then takes more of her advice and goes to dinner with Mark. Katherine then has Bobby come over to Pam's hotel to see him, but Pam's conviently out to dinner with Mark. She then reads the "buisness papers" that Pam signed, to Bobby. The papers aren't really "buisness letters." It is a letter that Katherine forged in Pam's name to a lawyer saying that she is no longer in love with Bobby, and she dosen't want to hurt him so she just wishes that he would let her go. Bobby falls for this and leaves heartbroken by the letter. The next morning Pam tells Katherine about how JR blackmailed her into divorcing Bobby, and that made her mad. She says that if her and Bobby love each other enough that they can make it through anything. She dosen't want to divorce him anymore and calls him to meet her at Thanksgiving Square the next day. She has decided to tell him that she is ready to try at their marriage again. When she gets there, Bobby still believeing that the letter is true tells her that the should both realize that their marriage is over, and that he's letting her go. They both start to cry. Pam tearfully walks away from the park. The next day Pam sees Bobby when they are meeting their lawyers to finalize the details of their divorce. She and Bobby are close to tears. When Bobby is leaving the room, she calls his name but he just ignores her. Mark invites her to come out for a party night with him, Cliff, and Afton, and she accepts. Katherine then lets them use her dinner reservations at a resturant, where Katherine conventily knows that Bobby will be at with JR and two girls. When Pam sees him with the two girls she is upset. After dinner they all go and drink for a long time. She dosen't know how Bobby could've gotten over her so quickly. Afton tells her that Katherine probally set that up, but Pam dosen't believe her. Cliff tells her that he will attend the divorce hearing with her. The next day is the divorce hearing and everything goes as planned, and she is officially divorced from Bobby. She then decides to move into the house her mother left her. Cliff wants her to work at Barnes-Wentworth, and she says she will only if it will stop the Barnes-Ewing feud. She then invites her friends over for her moving in party, and offers Jackie a job at Barnes-Wentworth. She wants to visit Ray when he gets arrested for the murder of Mickey Trotter, but Mark says that she should stay away from the Ewings. At one of Mark's polo games she starts to feel guilty since she hasn't slept with Mark. She is then really hurt when Bobby tells her that he ran into Jenna. She then goes to the Oil Barrons Ball with Mark. She then sees Jenna in the powder room and tells her that she see that it didn't take her long to find Bobby. Cliff wins the Oil Man of the Year award and starts a fight with the Ewings. Mark was beat up bad by Bobby, so he sleeps on Pam's couch. She says she wasn't on either his side, or Bobby's side. The next day she finally starts to work at Barnes-Wentworth. The charity rodeo is comming up and she dosen't want to go, but Mark convinces her to. Katherine says that she should commit to Mark. When Bobby drops off Christopher, she tells him that she dosen't think Jenna is right for him. At Billy Bob's she shares a dance with Bobby, and places second in the bull riding contest. She get jelious and leaves with Mark when she sees Bobby and Jenna making out after Jenna scores a very low 58. At Pam's house her and Mark start to make out and they have sex for the first time. The next morning after Mark leaves, she talks to Christopher about how she wants her and Bobby to get back together and be a family again. When Bobby comes to pick Christopher up, he hints around at the fact that he still loves her and she tells him that a part of her will always love him. A few days later JR comes over and invites her, Mark, Cliff, and Afton to the Ewing barbeque. At the barbeque Pam goes inside for a little bit and talks to Miss Ellie. Miss Ellie asks her if there was anything she could've done to help her save her marriage. She says no, but admits that she is still in love with Bobby. She runs into Jenna and Charlie outside and tells Jenna that she has a lovely daughter. Later Mark asks her to marry him and she tells him that she's not sure, since she's not over Bobby yet. He says he wants an answer when he gets back from Houston. While he's gone Bobby spends some time with her and Christopher, since Christopher's sick. She then tells Sue Ellen that she is going to turn down Mark. She then finds out that Mark has a rare form of lukemia and is going to die, so when he gets back she accepts his marriage proposal. When she goes to Southfork to pick up Christopher, she runs into Bobby who says that they had a couple of real nice days together and  that Sue Ellen told him that she was going to turn down Mark. She then says that Sue Ellen was wrong and tells him that she is going to marry Mark. She does not give him the reason as to why she's marrying him, because she doesn't want Mark to know that she knows about his lukemia. Mark then tells her that he wants a big wedding. She wants to get married as soon as possible. Later Mark tells her that everyone deserves one perfect night and they share one together. They tell each other that they love each other. The next day, Mark looks at her sad and then walks off. That night she finds out that Mark's jet crashed over the gulf and that he died. She gets a letter from him saying that he knows that she knew about his lukemia and that being the reason she wanted to marry him. He says that he knows she will find happiness with somebody and that maybe it will be with Bobby because he knows that they still care for each other. The next morning Bobby comes to visit her, and tells her he's sorry about Mark's death. She says that so many tragedies have happened over the past few years. She says that last night she thought alot about their splitting up and that it wasn't just his fault, or the Ewings fault, and that alot of it was her fault too. She tells him that the day she met him in Thansgiving Square she was going to try to get back together with him. He says that he thought she didn't want to. She comments on how he said he was letting her go. He says it was because of her letter. He then tells her what she wrote in it. He also mentions that Katherine was the one that read it to him. She starts to get a suspicious look on her face about Katherine. The phone rings for Bobby and he has to leave because Miss Ellie was kidnapped by her fiancee, Clayton Farlow's sister Jessica.




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