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Pam and Bobby
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Pamela Jean Barnes and Bobby James Ewing met one magical night in 1978 at a Ewing barbeque. She had come to the barbeque with Ray Krebbs the Southfork Ranch foreman. It had been hard for Ray to convince Pam to come, because of the Barnes-Ewing feud. She spent most of the night dancing with Ray. During this time Bobby had been watching her dance, waiting paitently for his turn. He later decided to cut in on one of Pam and Ray's dances. The moment Bobby started dancing with Pam she had completly forgotten about Ray. It was love at first sight. Bobby felt the same way. Later that year Bobby took her on a trip to New Orleans where they got married in a 10 minute ceremony in the city hall. They then went back to Dallas, as Bobby prepared to introduce her to the family. When they returned to Dallas they didn't get a very good reciption from the Ewing family. Everybody was disgusted at what Bobby had done, especially JR. He tried to get her out of the family many times. They family grew to love Pamela, except JR. At the Ewing barbeque Pam and Bobby announced to everyone that Pam was pregnant. Unfortunately Pam fell off the hay loft in the barn so the baby died. Around a year later Pam was pregnant again but she grew very upset whem she found out that the baby along with herself, could have neroufibermitosis. One day she went out for a horseback ride and fell off. This resulted in another miscarriage. Pam then fell into a depression around this time. This almost led Bobby to cheat on her with Jenna Wade. Around the end of that year JR got shot and that led to Bobby running Ewing Oil for awhile. Unfortunetly that led to little time for him to spend with Pam. Pam then found company with Alex Ward. He was a buisness associate. He was very intrested in having Pam for himself. The lack of attention she is recieving from Bobby pushes her over the edge and she almost sleeps with Alex Ward. Bobby then calls and tells her that he loves her. Alex then leaves her hotel room. Pam and Bobby then make up. Pam then falls back into her depression and tries to jump off the Reunon Tower. Bobby runs in time to save her and then they put her in a sanitarium. When she gets out of the sanitarium they adopt Kristen Shepard's son Christopher. Christopher is raised in a loving family. Around this time Jock's will was opened. This started the battle for Ewing Oil between JR and Bobby. Bobby started to ignore Pam again. One day Miss Ellie and Pam went to go contest the will. They then ran into Mark Graison, who immediatly became interested in Pam. Pam was annoyed by this at first. But Bobby started to change. He wasn't the man she had married anymore. He was blackmailing people and starting to act like JR. Then her mother Rebecca Wentworth died in a plane crash trying to help Cliff because of the battle. This just pushed Pamela over the edge, and she moved into a hotel with her sister Katherine. She started to hang out with Mark Graison a lot. She went on a trip to France with him, and almost cheated on Bobby. Afton called her to tell her that Katherine was making a move on Bobby. She angerly came home. Bobby was upset that she had went to France with Mark. Then came the time for Pam to decide if she was going to give Bobby the tundra drill he needed for his deal with the McCleash brothers. Katherine had voted to give it to Bobby, but Cliff had not. It was all up to Pam. She realized that if she didn't give the drill to Bobby, then their marriage would be over. But she also knew that if she did give it to him that he would keep acting like JR and that their marriage would probally be over anyway. She voted to give it to him, but then she told him that she wanted a divorce even though she still loved him because he had changed too much. Bobby was heartbroken. He told Katherine that he didn't want to turn into a loser just to please his wife. Then a fire started at Southfork that started to reunite Bobby and Pam. She started to see that maybe he could be like the man she married. Bobby was acting nice and charming. This upset Katherine who wanted Bobby for herself. She and JR decided they had to do something to break them up. Mark also wanted Pam, but he wanted her to love him, so he wasn't going to interfere with Pam and Bobby's marriage. Katherine had Pam sign some buisness papers, which turned out to be a letter that said that Pam didn't love Bobby anymore. She then had Pam go out to dinner with Mark, and had Bobby come over to her hotel. She then read the letter to Bobby, who was crushed. Bobby loved Pam so deeply that he decided to let her go because he thought that was what would make her happy. Pam then decided to go and tell Bobby that she didn't want to divorce him, and instead wanted to work on their marriage. Bobby thought that she wanted to be with Mark so he let her go. Pam and Bobby then divorced. Pam started dating Mark, and Bobby ran into his childhood love Jenna Wade. This made Pam very jellious. Bobby cared for Jenna but he wasn't in love with her. Mark and Pam, and Bobby and Jenna went to a rodeo and after Jenna kissed Bobby after her turn in the female competiton Pam and Mark went home and slept together. Later on in that year Mark proposed to Pam. She wasn't sure what she was going to do since she was still in love with Bobby. He said he wanted an answer when he got back from Houston. Pam told Sue Ellen that she was going to turn Mark down, because she was still in love with Bobby. Sue Ellen then told Bobby. Pam then found out that Mark had a rare form of lukemia and was going to die. She then excepted Mark's proposal. Bobby then came and tried to get back together with her, but she told him that she was going to marry Mark. Bobby was upset and then he proposed to Jenna. The next day everybody found out that Mark's plane had crashed and he had died. He wrote a letter to Pam saying that he knew he was going to die and he wanted to spare her the pain of taking care of him. Bobby then came over to comfort Pam. She told him she had thought a lot about their marriage breaking up and that some of it was her fault. He told her he only let her go because of the letter Katherine read to him. She says she didn't write any letter and goes to see Katherine. Katherine then bascially admits everything that she's done and says that she's going to have Bobby to herself. Pam then slaps her and tells her to stay out of her life for good. She is upset and goes on a vacation with Christopher. Katherine is mad at Bobby for rejecting her and shoots him. Pam finds this out on the radio and comes back to Dallas to see Bobby. Bobby is blind. He tells Jenna that he can't marry her if he dosen't get his eye sight back. Pam tells him that Katherine was the one that wrote the letter, and if hadn't done that they might of still been married. Bobby gets his eye sight back and returns to Southfork with Jenna. They decide to get married in a month. They then go to the Oil Barrons Ball. JR overhears Pam talking with Cliff's new girlfriend Mandy Winger. Mandy convinces Pam to tell Bobby that she's still in love with him. JR then goes on to the stage and announces that Bobby and Jenna will be getting married in a month. When Bobby returns home he gets upset at JR because he thought that it probally embarresed Pam to have his wedding announced in front of her and all those people. Pam goes home and looks at a picture of her and Bobby together. She starts to cry. The next morning Bobby comes and apoligizes to Pam for what happened at the Oil Barrons Ball. She puts on a brave face and says that she's glad that it happened that way. A month later on the day of Bobby and Jenna's wedding Jenna dissapears. She leaves him a note that says that she ran off with Naldo Martchetta, her ex-husband, and got married. Jenna then gets blamed for Naldo's murder. Bobby knows that Jenna has been set up, and they go to court. Jenna gets convicted of murder with a sentance of seven years. Jenna tells him she dosen't expect him to wait seven years for her. This leaves a lot of time for Pam and Bobby to be together. One day Bobby comes to pick up Christopher and Pam invites him over for dinner the next day. When he comes over the next day they have a what if conversation. Right before he leaves they kiss. Pam is shocked at what happened. Bobby has to go to Califorina to get a witness for Jenna's case. When he gets back Pam invites him over again. After dinner they admit they are still in love with each other, and kiss. The next day Bobby gets Jenna out of prison. Pam is hurt because she knows that Bobby has to marry Jenna now. Bobby comes over and Pam tells him that he has to marry Jenna. At Lucy's wedding to Mitch Cooper, Jenna can tell that Bobby is upset. She then tells him they shouldn't rush into their marriage. Bobby then goes and proposes to Pam. He stays the night and they are both very happy. Pam has a dream that Bobby died which covers the whole season eight. She then wakes up and sees Bobby in her shower. She realizes that he never died. Bobby goes and tells Jenna that it's over. Jenna is very mad and hurt. A few days before Pam and Bobby's wedding Jenna finds out that she is pregnant with Bobby's baby. A few minutes before the ceremony Ray gets mad and tells Bobby about Jenna. Pam overhears this and is heartbroken. She always wanted to have Bobby's baby. They decide to go on with the ceremony anyway. During this time Pam is upset over Jenna having Bobby's baby. She goes to the doctor and finds out that she can carry a baby to full term. When coming home from the doctor she crashes and gets severe burns. She later leaves the hospital, writes a letter saying she has severe burns and she will never see them again. She tells them to remember how she looked like before her accident. She then files for divorce from Bobby.

This scene never appeared in Dallas because it was considered to racy for the time.

Pam and Bobby share a nice moment after he decides to leave Ewing Oil.

Pam and Bobby at a dinner party at Cliff's house.

Pam and Bobby horseback riding.

Pam and Bobby after she wakes up from her dream in Return to Camelot.

Pam and Bobby's remarriage in Season 9.

Promo shot for the Mini-Series.

Pam and Bobby dancing at the Oil Barrons Ball in Season 5.

Pam and Bobby talking.


This is the first time Pam and Bobby kiss after their divorce.

Bobby taking Christopher to Southfork after pushing Joe Don in Pam's pool.

Pam talks to Bobby after visiting Jenna.




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