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Christopher Ewing

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Christopher Ewing

Christopher giving Bobby a kiss on the cheek.

Christopher Ewing was born to Jeff Faraday and Kristen Shephard. He was bought from Jeff before he was even a year old, because Bobby thought that Christopher was JR's son. When he found out that he wasn't Pam and Bobby decided to adopt him. Christopher had a hard life. In his early years his parents were seperated, and he only saw his dad on the weekends. He was very happy when he parents got remarried. He became upset when he found out that he was adopted. To make things worse Pam left town. Then Lisa Alden tried to take him away from his father. Things started to get better after that.

A promo picture for Season 6 of Pam, Bobby, and Christopher.

Pam teaching Christopher about Hong Kong.

Bobby picking up Christopher.

Christopher telling Pam and Bobby that he's happy to see them.

Pam holding baby Christopher.

Bobby telling Pam and Christopher that he will be back for dinner to see them.




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